ca·thar·sis (n. pl.): A release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience, that restores or refreshes the spirit.

Soul (n.): a person’s emotional and moral nature, where the most private thoughts and feelings are hidden


I have so much to say. I want to release all the crazy ideas that bounce around in my head. There are too many of them, and my poor brain seems to be overwhelmed by the deluge. I want to know the story of the world: this world that I struggle to understand, and continually fail to do so. There is just too much of it, of everything. How can any one person achieve such omnisceince?

I constantly feel as if I am missing something, some vital point that lies just beyond my grasp. And in the absence of such understanding, and by its very proximity, I am rendered frustrated and confused. A failing, I know, as no one person can know everything, can achieve such understanding of the world. But everyone seems to be comfrotable in their ignorance, in their blissful oblivion. I, on the other hand, can do no such thing. I struggle all the time, not truly fighting this lack of knowledge and of understanding, but troubled by it.

And so I write. I write to keep record of my confusions, to remember, if I can, my insights of comprehension. Perhaps somewhere along the way some true understanding will dawn on me.


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  1. redneckarts Says:

    nice to run across a blog like this. I’ll be back. Thanks.

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