Yes, I know… even a cursory glance at this blog reveals just how negligent I’ve been over the past six months or so. Lazy, lazy, lazy, that’s what I am.

But the end of a year, the promise of a whole dozen fresh new months, does wonders for one’s capacity for self-delusionment. So from this comfortable perch I can say with a perfectly straight face that I have great hopes for the year to come.

I shall blog. Regularly even. Seriously! To begin with, I need to lower my expectations of every post. No, don’t flip out worrying that the wonderfully high standard of writing will take a sharp nose dive. Rather I need to be content with writing shorter posts… I need to stop expecting to write a whole damn thesis on every topic that I write about. The most prolific and consistent bloggers are those that are happy with short but constant bursts of communication. And so will I be.

Of course, one might be justifiably reticent  to believe that anything should change this year… “What’s so different about this year than every other, when you have promised but never delivered?” you may ask. (Yes, that’s you, you empty hollow of a blogosphere that seems determined to ignore my every word). But here’s whats different about this coming year, these twelve months that appear to hold such promise and hope and productivity – I’m am moving.

Not moving apartments, stupid. That would hardly warrant such a build up of anticipation that the previous paragraph (hopefully) served to do. No, not even just moving to a new city, a new state, a new country… I am moving to a whole new Continent! (of course such a move does necessitate a move of all the previously mentioned smaller denominations of moving, including of course my apartment).

I am moving back to the home land, the birthplace, the bountiful motherland that is India. After altogether far too many years abroad in the “West”, I return to my home-that-is-not-my-home, to Delhi. The shockwaves that such a change is sending through my life shall have to be left as a subject of  another post, its interlinked and earth-shattering repercussions would take far too many words for this humble little post. Anyhow, the reason why this year is different from every other year, why this year will bring about changes in all my practices and behaviors is that as you can see, change is being forced upon me. And in the face of such monumental change, even the little itty-bitty parts of my life will experience some form of transformation.

And so it is with such a future to look forward to, that I do renew my commitment to the practice of blogging. I do pledge that I shall write about what I feel is important, interesting, or even delightfully mundane. I must increase the number of reviews I write, from movies, to music, to the all important books. Above all I must write regularly. Hopefully something will come of this… we shall have to see. A year from now perhaps I shall discover some measure of success on these (and other) fronts.