I did it again…

February 25, 2006

I grew reluctant. Reluctant to post, though I had a lot to say. I’ve written a lot over these past few weeks, but without exception, all of it awaits in the shadowed wings of the ‘Drafts’ section, or saved in some obscure corner on my computer.

I need to remember to post what I write. If I continue to wait until I feel a particular piece has satisfied all my various demands of coherence, elegance and brevity, then I shall post nothing.

I must also start writing about the books I read while I’m reading them, rather than wait till after I’m finished. Otherwise I always forget or get caught up in some other book, until it is too late and I begin to feel that it has been too long, and my recollections have become blurred by the passage of time and consumption of other novels.

So over the next few days I am going to attempt to fix up my drafts and post them here, as well as complete some reviews of a few novels I recently read, including R. Scott Bakker’s intriguing “The Darkness That Comes Before”, and a few others.

Here’s to many more (frequent) posts!


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