This Blog is about Books… somewhat.

January 31, 2006

Books form an important, no… a vital part of my life. I have always been a voracious reader, and so writing here in this blog, I feel compelled to make books a central part of my posts. I need to analyze the books I read, not only to fully appreciate them, but also to record my thoughts and remember the ideas that they awoke in me. Each book I read needs to be reviewed, perhaps not explicitly as in a summary of the novel itself, but at the very least in reference to the impression it made on me. Each book awakes in me certain ideas that stick around for as long as I am reading it, but soon enough, when some time has past and another book commands my attention, I forget. I forget so completely it is as if I had never had those thoughts at all.

Perhaps the most important book I read this past year was Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It awoke in me revolutionary ideas and an entirely new way of thinking and looking at the world. But I squandered all that the book had done for me, as I twiddled my toes wasting time before I would put down my thoughts to paper, though I had every intention to.

It never happened.

So now I must do so. From now on, every book must be accompanied by a post, be it good or bad, long or short, frustrating or enlightening. I of course could have committed this blog to be entirely of books, bestowing it with an appropriate literary name which would easily identify it as such, and so make subsequent efforts to join in the blogrolls of similar authors. But this blog is not so narrow in scope. This blog is about me; and while the books that I encounter are a part of that, they do not represent the whole. I am attempting here to create a new me. To forge with the limited tools at my disposal, a refined and more complete version of myself, and so this blog will not be limited to literature and science fiction and fantasy.

This blog will be be about books… only somewhat.


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